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Our Values & Manifest

A better way to source Indonesia's green coffee beans

we would like to start with a short and sweet idiom saying, "The purpose of a bike is not to paddle, the purpose of a bike is to help you get somewhere, and paddling helps you get there". This idiom sticks to our purpose of building Kopi Fabriek Indonesia from the start, to advance to a greater cause and contribute to society with one mission in mind: Providing you with a better way to source Indonesia's green coffee beans.


Our Values

As a company, we would like to bridge the gap of accessibility, raising awareness and bringing impact to farmers, our producer friends, which we truly appreciate in making great, delicate cups of coffee, available for everyone.

Guided by trust and full - transparency, we stand tall in our three main core values, which revolve around 
Price & QualityTraceability, and Relationships

We believe our actions will guide us towards a greater cause, persevering in humility, and to dissolve this imbalance and return the power to the creator of our coffee. As we move forward to work towards our values, we will stay true to our ideals, which we believe will manifest itself through our words and actions.


We believe that price and quality go hand in hand. Sourcing quality green coffee beans is our top priority. Nevertheless, the only way to guarantee a sustainable outright contract price is to buy at outright prices.


We held high and appreciate ethical sustainable practices, transparency, and traceable cups of coffee. As a company, we are accountable through the transparency of all green coffee beans we supply. 


We believe relationships are crucial in sourcing high-quality green coffee beans. We value farmers as best friends. As a responsible company, we pay farmers at premium prices, while also together being friends and partners to improve our cup quality.


Our Manifest

From the beginning, our objective has been clear and deeply rooted, with an aim to widely introduce Indonesia's coffee to a larger mass. Through us, we believe that people, with ease, can source Indonesia's finest coffee beans, eliminating the exploitative system to a fully transparent, equal, traceable endeavour. As a symbol of thank you, we would like to give back and return the power to the creator of coffee, bridging producers, roasters, and coffee lovers to connect and together enjoy Indonesian coffee.

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