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A better way to source Indonesia's green coffee beans

We value the need to provide accurate and transparent pricing as a key aspect of our commitment to quality, transparency, and traceability. As a key element to drive the industry forward, we believe that the idea of providing a transparent book of business leads us to a positive trajectory and sheds light on what we believe we, Kopi Fabriek Indonesia, adds value to between our producer friends and our customers and how we can measure our impact to the community.

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Transparency Doughnut

There are many steps involved in the coffee value chain, from farming, harvesting the coffee cherries, processing these cherries to green coffee beans, to shipping these to our warehouses then to our customers. The key is to Understand and educate ourselves throughout these value chains to help us provide a rational judgment of why these prices occur.
Transparency is not about giving us excuses to the high prices we paid, but to understand and being able to pay enough for the coffee our producer friends produce. At the end of the day, in order to understand the prices that we paid to our producer friends, we all first need to understand the value chain and market conditions of each region. Throughout Indonesia, cherry prices are not the same in different parts of the Island. Furthermore, each producer friends have their own different investments and assets, the product they delivered, and the value and risk associated with the product.
Whether or not is fair, we need so much information and understanding towards the region associated with growing the coffees. Our long-term mission is to be able to provide a detailed report of these transparency models, in order to measure our impact on each of our producer friends, their community, and the surrounding regions they are in. We believe both our producer friends and partnered roasters should be equally represented. Hence, with this approach in mind, we believe our actions will guide us towards a greater cause, persevering in humility, and to dissolve the imbalance in the industry, and return the power to the creator of our coffee.

Below, you will find all costs associated with making the coffee and all the prices paid, from the producers, processors, logistics, warehousing, all the way to the export and import of the green coffee beans. This model may not apply to every single coffee that we offer, but gives you a brief and bigger picture of how we build our pricing model. In accordance with this, we have built a transparency model on each spot coffee we offer here

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