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23 / 24 EU Spot Collection 

Season 2

Kopi Fabriek's 23/24 Collection - Celebrating Bountiful Harvest Amidst Unpredictable Weather Challenges


Looking back, we have realized how extensive the time and effort invested in cultivating outstanding Indonesian coffee. This year's harvest was marked by unpredictable weather patterns, presenting significant challenges for our producer friends. Despite these obstacles, Mother Nature smiled upon us, and we are delighted to harvest a plentiful and exceptional crop. Our heartfelt thanks extend to our dedicated producer friends for their dedication and the remarkable journey we've undertaken together. To all of you roasters out there, we cannot wait for you to taste and experience this year's collection! ⁠

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Coffee by the Kilo

Coffee by the Kilo (15)

We are thrilled to announce the much-awaited launch of "Coffee by the Kilo", an extraordinary collection of exotic and meticulously curated series of Indonesian exotic coffee. We offer a unique opportunity to indulge in the world of specialty coffee with smaller, more manageable batches, starting from our signature 15 kg bricks of green coffee. Enjoy!

About Us

Our Values & Manifest


The province of Aceh in the north, the Lake Toba region in the south, and the south of the island around Mangkuraja are the three main growing regions on Sumatra.

Coffees from Takengon or Bener Mariah in Aceh, and Lintong, Sidikalang, Dolok Sanggul, or Seribu Dolok surrounding Lake Toba, may be traced to smaller localities within these regions.


Due to the Dutch colonial history and practices, large coffee estates are more frequent here than anyplace else in Indonesia.


Much of the coffee is grown on Java's east side, near the Ijen volcano, but there are also growers on the island's west side.


Coffee arrived in Bali late, and it was first grown in the Kintamani highland plateau.


When the Gunung Agung volcano erupted in 1963, it caused a severe interruption in Bali's coffee production. Robusta now accounts for about 80% of the island's crop.


A small island around 320 kilometers east of Bali, it was a latecomer to both cultivating coffee and developing a strong reputation for it among the Indonesian islands.


The island is home to a combination of active and dormant volcanoes, which have benefited the soils. Bajawa is one of the most important growing areas.


The majority of the Arabica farmed on the island is high up around Tana Toraja. The city of Kalosi, to the south, has become a kind of brand name for the region's coffees. Two less well-known locations are Mamasa to the west and Gowa to the south of Kalosi.


Coffee production in the region can be unorganized, as many smallholders grow coffee for supplemental income, concentrating their efforts on other crops.


Located in the most eastern part of Indonesia, Papua offers a refined and elegant coffee taste.


Coffee Production in this exotic island dates back when the first Blue Mountain coffee seeds were planted. Since then, coffee has been cultivated, producing high-quality beans. 


we would like to start with a short and sweet idiom saying, "The purpose of a bike is not to paddle, the purpose of a bike is to help you get somewhere, and paddling helps you get there". This idiom sticks to our purpose of building Kopi Fabriek Indonesia from the start, to advance to a greater cause and contribute to society with one mission in mind: Providing you with a better way to source Indonesia's green coffee beans.


As a company, we would like to bridge the gap of accessibility, raising awareness and bringing impact to farmers, our producer friends, which we truly appreciate in making great, delicate cups of coffee, available for everyone. Through us, we believe that people, with ease, can source Indonesia's finest coffee beans, eliminating the exploitative system to a fully transparent, equal, traceable endeavour.

Our Producer Friends

​Through continuous collaboration, we team up with our dedicated producer friends from Sabang to Merauke to showcase the best of Indonesia's coffee to the world. We believe that every hand involved and every hard work poured in will result in an enticing cup of coffee for people to enjoy.

Our Poducer Friends


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