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Producer Friends

Discover Our Indonesian Producer Friends

Of all the coffee-producing countries, Indonesia is perhaps the most enticing. Its fascination originates not only from the unique, astonishing coffee it produces but also from the history that surrounds it. The explosively floral and fruity coffees from Indonesia have opened many coffee professionals' eyes to the diversity of flavors that coffee can have.


Through continuous collaboration, we team up with our producer friends to showcase the best of Indonesia's coffee. We believe that every hand involved and every hard work poured in will result in an enticing cup of coffee for people to enjoy.



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The province of Aceh in the north, the Lake Toba region in the south, and the south of the island around Mangkuraja are the three main growing regions on Sumatra.


Coffees from Takengon or Bener Mariah in Aceh, and Lintong, Sidikalang, Dolok Sanggul, or Seribu Dolok surrounding Lake Toba, may be traced to smaller localities within these regions.

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Central Sumatera Coffee

Bener Meriah, Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

Central Sumatra Coffee is a private family-owned coffee producer and processor in the region of Aceh, Sumatra.

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Hendra Maulizar

Pegasing, Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

Legendary coffee from the man himself, Hendra. His coffee made it to 7th place in Indonesia's Cup of Excellence in 2021.

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Ribang Gayo Musara

Pantan Musara, Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

The Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative proudly stands, united in their passion for coffee farming.


Rukun Saudara Cooperative

Kerinci Regency, Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia

Rukun Saudara Cooperative, pioneered by Abdul Aziz, started cultivating coffee in 2017. 



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Due to the Dutch colonial history and practices, large coffee estates are more frequent here than anyplace else in Indonesia.


Up until 1900, 5 over 6 coffee producers around the world grows coffee seeds from Java Typica, to grow their coffee. Much of the coffee is grown on Java's east side, near the Ijen volcano, but there are also growers on the island's west side.


Gravfarm Sukaratu

Ciwidey, West Java, Indonesia

Grav Farm Sukaratu is a farm managed by one of our partners, Mr. Yugian, and is a member of the Forest Farmer Groups.


Ijen, Bondowoso, East Java, Indonesia

Supriyanto, a farmer in Mount Suket in the mountain range of Ijen, grows Laurina in a small plot of his farm.


Sultani Estate

Puntang, West Java, Indonesia

Kang' Irwan from Sultani Estate is a hub for crafting top-notch coffees employing a range of post-harvesting methods. 

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Kamojang, West Java, Indonesia

Wanoja means "woman" in Sundanese language, and was initially consisted of only female coffee farmers in the group. 



Temanggung, West Java, Indonesia

A passionate coffee farmer nestled in the picturesque Jlegong Village, cradled by the majestic Mount Temanggung.


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Coffee arrived in Bali late, and it was first grown in the Kintamani highland plateau. Nowadays, the Kintamani region is known for its fine Arabica beans.


When the Gunung Agung volcano erupted in 1963, it caused a severe interruption in Bali's coffee production. Robusta now accounts for about 80% of the island's crop.


Karana - I Wayan Parum

Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia

Karana is a producer and processor managed and motored by Kadek Edi and his fellow partner Rodney Glick.



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A small island around 320 kilometers east of Bali, it was a latecomer to both cultivating coffee and developing a strong reputation for it among the Indonesian islands.


The island is home to a combination of active and dormant volcanoes, which have benefited the soils. Bajawa is one of the most important growing areas.

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Manggarai, Flores, Indonesia

In 2014, Andre started to establish Tuang in his hometown, Manggarai, Flores, alongside his fellow farmers in the region.

Image by Robert Tjalondo


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The majority of the Arabica farmed on the island is high up around Tana Toraja. The city of Kalosi, to the south, has become a kind of brand name for the region's coffees. Two less well-known locations are Mamasa to the west and Gowa to the south of Kalosi.


Coffee production in the region can be unorganized, as many smallholders grow coffee for supplemental income, concentrating their efforts on other crops.



Tana Luwu, Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Located in the most eastern part of Indonesia, Papua offers a refined and elegant coffee taste. Coffee production on this exotic island dates back to when the first Blue Mountain coffee seeds were planted. Since then, coffee has been cultivated, producing high-quality beans.



Tiom, Lanny Jaya, Papua, Indonesia

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