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Hendra Maulizar

Hendra Maulizar has been the pioneer of Indonesian specialty coffee processing. His dad, Hamdan, moved to Aceh in 2006 and started growing coffee. This sparked the idea of Hendra to start growing coffee in 2010. The land started from 1 hectare and now reaches up to 10 hectares with 40 tonnes of coffee produced in the washing station. Hendra and his family started to grow their farm and began to invest in post-harvesting facilities and managed to build a wet mill, gravitational washing channels, and raised beds to dry the coffee. 
We started working with Hendra to finally represent one of the best coffee Indonesia has to offer, with his coffee being on the 7th place in Indonesia's Cup of Excellence in 2021. He is currently experimenting and started a nursery to grow the Abbysinia varietal and experiment with different processing methods. A lot has been done over the years of his life experimenting and yet his endless spirit of bringing the best coffee makes him never settle for less.

Profile and Narrative

Producer Booklet - Hendra Maulizar

Farm Notes



Pegasing, Aceh

250 Ha






1600 MASL

January - April

August - December

Harvest Month

Cupping Notes

Pegasing, Sumatra - Natural Anaerobic - ID-SU-015

Value Chain

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