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Sultani Estate

Situated on the slopes of Mount Puntang, Sultani Estate is a hub for crafting top-notch coffees employing a range of post-harvesting methods. The mastermind behind this coffee haven is none other than producer, Irwan and his dedicated team.

Irwan first initiated the formation of the Puntang Coffee Farmers Group and the Puntang Mulya Mandiri Coffee Farmers Cooperative to ensure that coffee farmers also reap the benefits as the coffee industry grows and the genuine Puntang Mountain coffee gains popularity.


Guidance through the farmers' group is not merely economic; it also aims to educate local farmers about contributing to the sustainability of the environment on Mount Puntang. This involves preventing excessive exploitation that could harm the natural ecosystem in the long run.

Irwan or so called 'Kang' Irwan always aim to produce the best of Puntang's coffee in small micro lot batches. Sultani Estate is then established, an initiative ran by 'Kang' Irwan himself and the team, which focuses on producing smaller lots of higher quality coffees. 


Sultani Estate mainly grows Typica, Lini-S and Bourbon.These varieties are generally lower in quantity but higher in cup-quality compared to other high yielding varieties such as ateng and sigararutang. Furthermore, Sultani Estate continuosly experiments with different post-harvest processing methods, fermentations starters, and drying techniques. 

Farm Notes


Mount Puntang, Bandung

West Java, Sumatra

10 Ha



Lini - S



1350 - 1750 MASL

May - August

Harvest Month

Cupping Notes

Puntang, West Java - Mossto Natural - ID-JA-EX-005

Value Chain


Available from Sultani Estate

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