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The Wanoja Coffee Farmers Group, situated in Mount Kamojang, Bandung, West Java, was founded by Hj. Eti Sumiati in June 2012. The name "Wanoja" originates from the Sundanese language, signifying "woman," as the group initially comprised exclusively of female coffee farmers. As time passed, the Wanoja Coffee Farmers Group expanded, and it now boasts 55 members, encompassing both males and females. Throughout its existence, Wanoja has experienced substantial growth in production capacity, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. Presently, the mill is under the management of Hj. Eti Sumiati's son, Satrea.

Wanoja Coffee Farm is situated in a former volcano area, positioned at an elevation of 1500-1700 meters above sea level, where the average temperature hovers around 18 degrees Celsius. The coffee plants benefit from the shade provided by pine trees.

One of Wanoja's key objectives is to have a positive impact on various fronts. Environmentally, they engage in reforestation efforts to rehabilitate damaged trees and minimize the risk of floods by controlling soil erosion. Socially, the group endeavors to enhance the welfare of neighboring farmers by enabling them to earn better incomes through cultivating high-quality coffee cherries.


In a notable update from 2022, Satrea participated in the first Cup Of Excellence Indonesia in 2021, securing an impressive 2nd place overall. This achievement highlights the group's dedication to producing exceptional coffee and gaining recognition for their efforts.

Farm Notes



Kamojang, West Java

100 Ha







1600 MASL

April - August

Harvest Month

Cupping Notes

Kamojang, West Java - Wet - Hulled - ID-JA-022

Value Chain


Available from Wanoja Farm

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