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Gravfarm Sukaratu

Seeding, cultivation, rejuvenation maintenance, sorting, and cherry processing into green coffee beans consistently with transparency and skills. Grav Farm Sukaratu is a farm managed by one of our partners, Mr. Yugian and Ms. Lucy, who are members of the Forest Farmer Groups. It gives training to farmers through regular counseling on forestry, agriculture, waste management, coffee seeding, cultivation, and processing. Grav Farm has been crowned 19th place in the 2021 Indonesia Cup of Excellence. Furthermore, it really held high gender equality, with women being represented in the coffee industry. Waste management and non-pesticide and herbicide practices are also well-performed and developed on this farm.

All in all, both are superb coffee educators on all things agriculture, post-harvest processing, sustainable coffee farming, and waste management. We maintain a continuous relationship with Grav Farm Sukaratu, with the aim to bring back the sovereignty of Indonesian coffee to the International coffee scene. This is channeled through long-lasting partnerships built and will continue to be established for years to come.

Profile and Narrative

Producer Booklet - Gravfarm Sukaratu

Farm Notes


Ciwidey, Bandung

Mount Patuha

200 Ha




Lini S-795


1100 - 1400 MASL

May - August

Harvest Month

Cupping Notes

Ciwidey, Java - Washed - ID-JA-017

Value Chain

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Available from Gravfarm Sukaratu

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