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Reza Nurullah

Meet Reza, a passionate coffee farmer nestled in the picturesque Jlegong Village, cradled by the majestic Mount Temanggung in Central Java, Indonesia. With the earth beneath his feet, Reza embodies the spirit of a dedicated cultivator who has made it his life's mission to craft the perfect cup of coffee.


With a deep-rooted connection to the land, he takes pride in owning a splendid plot where he meticulously cultivate coffee plants and proceess coffee cherries, specializing in the production of robusta beans.


However, Reza's ambition doesn't stop there. Lately, he has been embracing the challenge of processing arabica beans as well, demonstrating his versatility and eagerness to expand his expertise in the world of coffee cultivation.


Not only is Reza an adept grower and processor, but he also nurtures a secondary passion as a part-time coffee roaster. His dedication to the craft is evident in the flavors he coaxes out of each batch, transforming raw coffee beans into a symphony of enticing aromas and exquisite tastes.


In the heart of Reza lies an unwavering commitment to his art, striving for excellence with every harvest and processing endeavor. He cherishes the connection between the land, the beans, and the final cup of coffee that delights the senses of those fortunate enough to taste his coffee.

Farm Notes



Jlegong Village, Temanggung, West Java

2.5 Ha


Lini S-795



1100 -1300 MASL

April - August

Harvest Month

Cupping Notes

Prau, West Java - Mosto Hydro Honey - ID-JA-EX-002

Value Chain


Available from Reza

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