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Supriyanto, known as Iyan, a farmer in Mount Suket, located in the mountain range of Ijen grows Laurina in the small plot of his farm. The coffee seed was first planted by PT Perkebunan Nusantara and was cultivated by Supriyanto. Due to the local climate and environment, the beans have a slightly bigger shape compared to other Laurina but still have its distinct Laurina characteristics with sharp pointed green beans shape. The plant itself has a one-of-a-kind characteristic with small leaves and pointed cherries. 

Laurina is considered an exotic coffee cultivar in Indonesia, known as one of the most difficult to grow in Indonesia. It requires more attention to from coffee growers, producing extraordinary sweetness and perceived less bitterness. 

Supriyanto was the first ever Indonesian coffee farm to cultivate this low-caffeinated species. A super enticing coffee with excellent characteristics, light-bodied, with a hint of citric acidity, alongside a well-balanced sweetness. 

Profile and Narrative

Producer Booklet - Supriyanto

Farm Notes


East Java

Mount Suket, Ijen, Bondowoso

50 Ha


Hybrid Laurina / Bourbon Pointu


1700 MASL

May - August

Harvest Month

Cupping Notes

Ijen, East Java - 120 H Anaerobic Natural - ID-JA-023

Value Chain


Available from Supriyanto

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