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Rukun Saudara Cooperative

Abdul Aziz Thohari, the head of Rukun Saudara's Cooperative, kicked off his journey in 2015 when coffee cultivation became his passion. During those early days, the coffee was sold as wet parchment and shipped off to Medan. The turning point arrived in 2017 when the farmers' collective, Rukun Saudara, was established. They transitioned to the processing of coffee into Green coffee beans, setting up an initial drying facility measuring 10 meters by 5 meters. Fast forward to today, and their drying facility has grown substantially, now spanning approximately 800 square meters.

Living and cultivating the land are 50 passionate members of the Kerinci Rukun Saudara Cooperative, situated on a plateau nestled at the foot of Mount Kerinci in Sumatra. Picture this: Mount Kerinci, a standout among the 452 volcanoes in the Pacific Ring of Fire, where a 40,000-kilometer horseshoe-shaped array of volcanoes is in a perpetual series of eruptions and plate movements. The rich history of Mount Kerinci's eruptions has left its mark, blessing the surrounding area with lush greenery, all thanks to the abundant and fertile volcanic soil. The combined farm area spans approximately 30 hectares, creating a harmonious landscape for their agricultural endeavors.

Farm Notes


Bengkolan Dua Village, Kerinci

Jambi, Sumatra

10 Ha





1400 - 1700 MASL

May - August

Harvest Month



Cupping Notes

Kerinci, Sumatra - Anaerobic Natural - ID-SU-017
Kerinci, Sumatra - Natural Anaerobic - ID-SU-017

Value Chain

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Available from Rukun Saudara Cooperative

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