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We first talked to Andre, the person behind Tuang - a processor in the region of Manggarai region - back in 2021. Coffee is meant to taste fruity, and this stigma and mindset of bitter Indonesian coffee have always been an unending debate. Nevertheless, we are here to initiate change, bringing Indonesia's best green coffee beans to the table, unleashing the beauty of coffee, that has a very complex fruity flavor for people to enjoy. 

In 2014, Andre started to establish Tuang in his hometown, Manggarai, Flores, alongside his fellow farmers in the region. Andre initiated this with an effort to tackle problems revolving around the unequal fair trade on coffee cherries, and how social welfare has been an ongoing issue with farmers being paid way less than what they deserved. He finally initiated a payment program for farmers, buying their coffee cherries upfront before harvest season to nurture, develop, and invest in the best techniques and facilities for its coffee plantation. From then on, he and his team build processing facilities and help and educate farmers in the region to process coffee cherries into high-quality green coffee beans.

Profile and Narrative

Producer Booklet - Tuang

Farm Notes


#1 Flores

Gulang Village, Manggarai, Indonesia

250 Ha

#2 Flores

Mbohang Village, Indonesia

50 Ha

#3 Flores

Uwu Village, Indonesia

50 Ha



Red Caturra, Kartika II

Kartika II

Kartika II



1300 MASL

1500 MASL



1600 - 1700 MASL

May - September

Harvest Month

Cupping Notes

Uwu Village, Flores - Natural Anaerobic - ID-FL-002 (1537)

Value Chain


Available from Tuang

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